Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don't Breathe On The Baby!!

The last few days have been pretty uneventful (thank God!).

Last night, Charlotte had a crash course in supper time etiquette with a six year old... I say Charlotte got schooled because, well, there really is no teaching a six year old anything when she thinks she knows it all!

Amazingly enough, she managed to do a pretty impressive job, only spilling a few drops of apricot mixed fruit on the tray, as you can tell by the picture.

After supper, we went for a "stroll" to the park, and Bekah pushed Charlie most of the way there. Mom had to help when we started either A. steering for the grass, or B., steering for the middle of the road. Unfortunately, the pleasantness of going to the park is always overshadowed by the need to keep Charlie untouchable, and therefore confined to her stroller with the mosquito netting secured over it.

I feel like we have a big red sign plastered to the front of it that says, "Chemo Baby: You Can Look, But Please Don't Touch!".

Here is a special spot for a GREAT NEWS insert, however!

Behind in her development?? Not by much! Lookout world! Here comes Charlie!

That's right! No doctored photo there! That is MY baby girl sitting up UNASSISTED!!!

For a while, Kev and I had joked about not having to worry about her crawling as soon as other babies, and therefore not having to worry about babyproofing for a while...

Yes, well, she kind of shot that idea out of the window.

The only thing we have to work on is her lower and upper body strength, especially now that she is gaining movement back in her legs.

It would seem that she is a tad *ahem* heavier than she was the last time she could use them- so that seems to be our biggest obstacle at the moment.

Speaking of obstacles- I have my first cold since Charlotte has been on chemo, and that is making life more interesting than I would like. As crazy as I was about washing before, you can multiply that by, oh let's say a hundred or so, and you would be touching the tip of the iceberg. And since I was coughing a little last night, I put on one of our convenient face masks to extra protect her from my germs.

Boy, did that ever warrant a perplexed face that is going to go down in the history books...

God bless!

Kristi Rufener

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