Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Made In The 80s

There I go again, waiting WEEKS between updating the blog, and even left it at a cliffhanger to those still waiting for results from our CT scan!

Long story short, Charlie's CAT scan came back AWESOME!

There was absolutely NO CANCER in her liver... *insert giant sigh of relief here, along with some enthusiastic fist pumping*

She has since finished cycle 6 of chemo, and has been doing fantastic. is now up and running- look there for updates on our war against childhood cancer. You will find articles to support my outrage and research.

On to today...

So, last Thursday, Bekah and her class got to visit the Intermediate School (where gramma pam works) to see the African Safari Acrobats. On her way out, she ran up to Gma Pam to give her a hug, and Gma noticed that Bekah felt warm... Upon further temperature taking, she discovered that Bekah was running a fever. And had a headache. And the crap hath hitteth the fan.

Because then there is ME, AT WORK, and KEVIN, AT HOME, having a war of the worlds on our Blackberry's over what Kevin and Charlie should do.

We finally made the decision for them to evacuate- and it turned out to be the right one.

When Gma got home with Bekah, I sent them straight to the clinic for H1N1 testing, and went off to Bekah's parent teacher conference. Which turned out smashingly- she needs to study her math more, but as it turns out she is quite an avid reader... Which, of course, I knew since she spent most of the summer with her head in a book.

The clinic then informed us we wouldn't have results for at least 48 hours, and since it was a Thursday we didn't expect to hear anything until Monday.

So, say helloooooo to the weekend from aych ee double hockey sticks.

A kid that was spiking a fever to 104 from 99 in less than ten mintues- faster than I could get medicine in her- followed by a rough cough, terrible headaches and chills, and a Mom (that's moi) who is running through hand sanitizer like it is ambrosia from the God's, and trying not to openly wince in front of my poor sick babe so she doesn't feel like she has the plague... Which is pretty much what it was like, since I can't risk contamination.

Right up until Monday she ran that fever until it finally broke. That's when I received the call that confirmed what we pretty much already knew- Yep. Check her for the curly tail and oinks- the kiddo has the (insert scary music here) Swine Flu.

Lord, why dost thou hate me so?

I finally shipped her off to school this morning just in time for her Halloween party (thank Jesus, otherwise she would have pitched a fit about that all weekend as well), and now we have to wait for her to be completely symptom free before hubby and baby can come home...

So, now it's been a week since I last smooched my husband, and last cuddled my Charlie girl... and it's getting weirder every day..

Like a throwback to my single life, when it was just Bekah and I, living in my parents house... And I would like to say its remniscent of the good ol' days, but lets face it-

I want my family back...

And my own laundry...

I'm starting to get recruited for... *gasp* chores!

More news soon!

Kristi Rufener

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