Monday, April 5, 2010

A Break in Routine

Because we have a lot to celebrate this year, (the latest being Charlotte's remission - declared on March 31st, 2010) we decided to extend our yearly hotel stay by an extra day. We had to dig deep in our pockets, but the weekend ended up being crappy outside, so it turned out beautiful.

And, it reminded me why big kids can be just as much fun as babies, and how husbands can be clumped into the big kid category.

Point in case- for those of you utterly enveloped in the Twilight Saga, New Moon was recently released, purchased, and played on Kevin's laptop in our hotel room. The following conversations ensued:

We are at the part where Jacob (the drool worthy werewolf) is speaking Quiliote to Bella Swan (the awkward, klumsy, not-that-pretty girl who never has anything intelligent to say, and where did she end up with ten smoking hot friends anyway??). After listening to Jacob mumbled his sweet nothings, my best friend Rachel turns to me and says, "I wonder what that means... Do they say in the book?"

And my husband, God love him, without missing a beat, looks at Rachel and translates for us:

"It means, 'He who farts will not have many friends.'"

Yes, we may have been tired, but no, none of us were drunk, especially not Kevin who has never so much as tasted anything alcoholic in his life except for Nyquil. Aren't you proud?

But wait! There is more!

Rebekah, my pride and joy on this planet, who is one of the most clever six year olds I know, biased or not, had a couple of great insights herself.

There was an instance when we were in the pool, dangerously close to the deep end, and Beks was bobbing around with a basketball near a group of kids close to her age.

"Why don't you see if they want to play ball with you, Bekah?"

She looks at me exasperated and says, "I can't mom! I am only four foot three!".

Lesson one- once they start reading numbers, including the depth meter on the pool, you can no longer convince them to do anything fun or dangerous.

Later on, on our way back up to our room, outside the elevators, she spotted a You Are Here sign with the arrow tacked on our location.

"MOM!" she squealed in shock. "How do they KNOW where we are???"

Lesson two- just because they are reading does NOT mean they are comprehending. And therein lies the humor of it.

Hope everyone had a great Easter, and is enjoying their family, much like we are every day!

Kristi M. Rufener

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  1. Oh come on! You have to give me a little credit ... being a true Twilight fan and all. lol The Quileute line that Jacob says means "stay with me forever," (or so I've read). Someone else must have asked. Kevin's quick wit just halted me from answering the question. His was much funnier.

    I should give you the video of you trying to act out the cross-eyed scene... THAT was hilarious!


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