Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Where has the time gone??

Charlotte is going to be two in a month, Bekah will be eight in April, and Kevin and I are having another baby in June.

Actually, small creepy factoid- this baby is due June 24th. Otherwise known as the day Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer.

What has happened the last six months or so besides all this?

I got a new job after taking the summer off to travel with my family. My parents got a new puppy, AND a new Harley. All of Charlotte’s scans have come back unchanged, and we have spent a lot of time playing with cousins and visiting family members with reckless abandon, seeing as how we don’t have to worry about blood counts and getting sick as much anymore.

And speaking of Charlotte, she has learned to talk. And not a few words here and there- complete sentences.

However, sometimes her manners leave something to be desired, and her father and I will go rounds with her just to get her to say please.

I was eating a bagel yesterday morning, and she sidled up to me, pointed, and declared, “Mom? I want some.”

“You need to say please, Charlie.”


This went on for a good ten minutes or so until I was down to the last bite of bagel. Then, my phone rang in the kitchen, and in my haste I set the piece of bagel down on the end table and went to grab my phone.

When I came back, the bagel was gone.

“Where did my bagel go???” I asked the obviously guilty one with the cream cheese moustache.

“I dome mo!” She replied over the massive amount of food in her mouth.

Maybe I should give her the benefit of the doubt- I myself have some short term memory problems…

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