Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking Life Easy

Life feels so full of promise lately.

A good friend of mine is due to have her baby in a few short months, and being the person I am, I threw her shower. (I have been dying to do a baby shower ever since mine were born!)

Charlotte has been doing great since she went off treatment. She has a good amount of hair, for only growing it out for the past two months!

She isn't walking YET, but she does put on plenty of miles with her fancy shopping cart walker.

It is so hard to believe (especially going back through the year and a half I started this blog) that she is a year old already.

We have done so much the last year, inlcuding hitting rock bottom, and finally to now; picking ourselves back up again and moving on.

The debt we acquired over the past twelve months should be eliminated by this time next year. Also, we have started to look at houses. Neither Kevin nor I want to go back to renting.We want to find our "home", settle in, stay, and be a family. Now that we have accomplished Charlotte's end of treatment, it naturally feels like the next step should be putting our lives back together and picking up where we left off.

Our next set of scans are on March 11th*, so until then we are just taking it day by day.

I am really trying to be vigilant in updating the blog, but having two kids is keeping me more busy than I had originally anticipated. And even as I admit that, I am plotting on how to bring up a third to my husband- yes, I fear baby fever has once again reared its head. And I love how pregnant women look! Just so pudgy and happy!

My husband, however, reminds me that Yes, I Was Still Beautiful, but he remembers me orenery and short tempered. Must have been due to me being the size of a house with something trying to claw its way out on a daily basis.

I am going to update the blog with a picture timeline of the past year of Charlotte for her birthday tomorrow!

Until then, keep the faith alive!

With everlasting hope,

Kristi Rufener

*Just a note to everyone following Charlie's journey, this particular set of scans are the BIG ones- these are her first scans since she has been off treatment.

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