Friday, February 26, 2010

Going Semi-Pro

Today is day four on my new routine of running and eating better.

This morning, I had to DRAG myself out of bed and out the door to go for my jog. I couldn't believe I was going, and had almost succesfully talked myself out of it- but I'm glad I didn't.

After a few minutes I felt energized; and frozen. The wind chill was in the single digits, and my face felt like it does when the dentist injects you full of novocaine.

I made it almost a mile, came home and made some scrambled eggs for Charlotte and I to share.

Now, since my husband is starting to realize that I am sort of serious about this running thing, he is excited to join me. He had me buy him a pair of running pants, and told me I needed new shoes if I didn't want to hurt my feet.

So, we are adventuring to Kohl's this afternoon to get me the perfect pair of feet pleasing plodders.

Tell me something... how boring are you getting when the prospect of buying tennis shoes is thrilling?

If by next week we are discussing my fiber intake, somebody please smack me.

Kristi M. Rufener


  1. I saw your story on NBC15, and wanted to stop by and tell you that our family is praying for Charlotte's health, and for your whole family.
    Also, best wishes to you on your running/getting healthier goal.

  2. Amy-

    Thank you for your kind words!

    It is always awesome to hear that people are thinking of us.


  3. Hey Kristi, We miss you on BBC. Please come and visit us again!


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