Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AFCH, Our Home Away From Home

Getting to the hospital for round five of chemo proved to be more of a waiting game than usual.

We were scheduled for Monday, but as luck would have it the entire hospital was full. I guess it's possible, but it's not something that would cross your mind.

We ended up getting our phone call to come in around eleven o'clock this morning.

When we finally got in and got settled, I snuck down to the nurses station to drop off a card for a family with a four month old who was newly diagnosed last week.

I offered to meet them, and sent them a gift card with the card- our nurse told us they were a bit "shellshocked" (and we certainly know how that feels) but that they were planning on stopping by to meet us in the morning. I totally understand, either way.

Charlie started chemo today around five, while I was at work, and got snuck in for a CT Scan at eight tonight. She was a trooper! Our nurse came in and asked if she would take oral Fluconazole- being the know it all mom that I am, I immediately insisted that of course she wouldn't. She hates her meds!

So, being the daughter Charlie is, of course she took them from nurse Amy.

Then, the nurse asked if she would drink her contrast solution in juice- it can't be mixed with formula. Again, I argued against that, saying that Charlotte was the only baby I knew that DIDN'T drink juice...

Charlie drank half of it.

Have you ever seen a grown woman's jaw hit the proverbial floor?

I am assuming from a distance it was quite entertaining.

We also got our pictures from Flashes of Hope Photography, sponsored by the hospital for families with ill children.

I will make sure to get some up tomorrow when I get a chance...

For now, though, I am going to pick my jaw up off the floor where I left it, grab my husband some hot chocolate, and go to sleep.

At least I am never wrong in my dreams.

God Bless!

Kristi Rufener

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