Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Not Too Exciting... Could Be A Good Thing!

It's happening again.

I'm getting really bad at updated the blog.

Already it's September 1st, and I've lapsed 9 days since the last post.

Bekah started her first day of first grade today, and barely even waved at me as she boarded the bus to an uncertain future. Grandpa Mark and I were left standing in the driveway with the dog, watching the bus chug around the corner, and experiencing a weird sense of deja vu... Like maybe the same event had taken place some seventeen years prior, and I wasn't the witness; I was the participant.

It makes you feel old.

Then, you are sitting inside later with your husband wondering where you two will be in twenty years, and you realize your life isn't even half over. That you've just begun to make a living with your spouse.

And it makes you feel young again.

Charlie is over her bought of nausea brought on by the latest round of chemo, and is her happy smiley self again. And she is getting dangerous.

Just yesterday Kevin came up the stairs after putting her in her swing, and found her hunched over to her right reaching for the floor. And a few days before that, she started unhooking the front tray and lifting it up, or using it to sit herself up. She is becoming quite the little escape artist.

This morning while I waited for the school bus, Charlotte was in the house watching sesame street. Something about Cookie Monster makes her lift her feet in the air... So I say, "Coooookie cookie cookie!". And she grins at me and kicks her feet. What's a little humiliation compared to movement of her lower extremities, anyway?

The next round of chemo is the day after Labor Day, September 8th. Saturday is Lance's first birthday, and then we plan on going to Cassville to hopefully enjoy some warm weather on the Mississippi River.

I am still waiting on pictures from North Dakota, and as soon as I have them, they will be up.

For now, here are some pictures of Bekah and Charlie in their Dance for Cancer tutu's, a new line I am thinking about starting.

And also, a mysterious t-shirt that arrived in the mail for Charlie yesterday- I'm not sure who it is from, and my assumption turned out to be wrong. So whoever it is, I wish you would come forward because it got quite a few laughs last night and I wish I could thank you properly.

I will update again soon!

God bless.

Kristi Rufener


  1. yeah I know, dear, I'm not your princess. Hehehe I wish I would have now! lol I'm glad to hear things are on an up swing at the moment, that's how life is here too. *knock on wood* You know how to find me, love, if you want to hang out or just vent. <3 Ya

  2. Hi, my name is Mae, I've been reading your blog, someone pointed me towards your blog (can't remember who now).

    But I have a 4 month old son who was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.

    He at the moment, hasn't had to have any treatments. But he goes on the 16th for a urine test, and we're praying things have not gotten worse.

    I've been looking everywhere for someone else who is going through this, and it's been hard finding someone!

    I'd like to keep in touch, if possible.

    my email is: bossmae2003@yahoo.com

    I'm also on cafemom I applied to your Faces of Neuroblastoma group.


  3. I also have a blog as well, on Multiply


    And I'm on caring bridge (SuperKeeganRay)

    You have adorable children!

    I'm glad to hear your daughter has gotten over the nausea from the chemo. Hope she continues to get well!



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