Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kristi's List

Things I like: Laying in the sun. The first sip of fountain soda in the glass. Crunching ice cubes in my mouth. The whipped cream on top of a cinnamon dulce latte at Starbucks. The smell of a fresh pine Christmas wreath. Laying in the sun. The way life goes on, even when you want it to slow down.

Things I love: Waking up next to my husband in the morning. Having my daughter read to me. Accidentally catching my baby saying "Mama" on camera. Sweatpants fresh out of the dryer. The way Bekah smells after a bath. The way Charlie sucks her pacifier and snuggles in her blankets when she is tired. Having heart to hearts with my friends.

Things I dislike: People that cut in front of you to turn in less than fifty feet. People that come through the bank drive thru on cell phones. The feeling of porcelain. My mom's new cell phone ring. That I always think about updating my blog, but never get around to it when I'd like. That no one can give us a straight answer about Charlotte's cancer. Trying to reason with my sister. That fact that it doesn't seem like anyone takes my advice, even when I put a lot of thought and energy into it. The way life goes on, even when you want it to slow down.

Things I hate:

I hate coming out the doors to P4 only to stumble upon a couple sobbing uncontrollably in the hallway. It is like catching a glimpse of the people Kevin and I were two months ago. You want to reach out and tell them you will get through it, but how do you really know?

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  1. Wanna go lay in the sun and have a heart to heart? <3 <3 <3


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