Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Em Ar Eye Day

Today was an MRI day...

After every two cycles of chemo, Charlie has what we affectionately call "progression MRI's". They monitor the progress of the chemo and make sure her tumor isn't becoming resistent. So far I am playing the waiting game as we haven't got any results back yet.

The good news about today is that we were told she could have sedation instead of full general anesthesia. And this time, we got to be with her when they sedated her.

Now THAT was an interesting experience... It was so quick. She just slipped right into it. Limp like a rag doll. The eyelids just fell shut and she looked so peaceful. It is beyond amazing to me that someone invented a medicine that can do that. Amazing. The anesthesiologist just laughed at me when I told him I could use some of that stuff at home.

To make a long (and exceptionally boring) story short, it ended up being a lot less time consuming because we didn't have the breathing tube to contend with (no croup cough! yay!), and once again she won over many hearts in the recovery room when she came to. I know this is going to sound horrible but I couldn't stop laughing at the look on her face when she reached for the paper that the nurse was holding, but couldn't get it. Because she was still "out of it" she thought the paper was closer to her than it really was. Her confusion was hilarious.

I have been bugging the infamous Lisa Keller all day, and still no results. But plenty of humor from her, which she is always good for.

Now I'm at work and having a war. My sister was exposed to H1N1, and now it is a struggle to keep Charlie from being exposed to it.

For some reason, waiting for the results from this scan are making me more nervous than last time. I have absolutely no reason to think this scan is not going to show improvement, yet here I am- heart pounding, stomach in my throat, staring at my phone waiting for it to ring.


Kevin sent me a video of Charlotte rolling today though that has helped pass the time. She has obtained the ability to roll from her stomach to her back, which makes her officially mobile. This is a HUGE milestone for a baby that wasn't moving at all at diagnosis.

I am going to jet for now, but I will blog more as soon as I get results.

God bless.

Kristi Rufener

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