Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blizzard of Odd...

Want to hear something gross???

So yesterday I was sitting here and my coworker comes over and says he smells something funny by our fireplace. (This is a BRAND new bank, not even six months old building yet) and I go over and almost throw up it was so gross. I emailed our boss about it who came out and thought it was a drain downstairs and mentioned buying some bleach and pouring it in. Men sometimes. Here is my problem with that- my coworker found out which room the smell was coming from so I went down to investigate and when I opened the door to that room it was like a brick wall hit me- the stench was so bad! It smelled like sewage to me! When I went back upstairs and talked to my boss, I told him I didn't think it was a drain at all. I told him I thought it was the sewer pipes that ran through there. He didn't believe me, but he called the building designers and they came this morning. Turns out I was right- we had been smelling human waste ALL DAY yesterday! I am so grossed out right now.

Pour bleach on it...yeah right.

Dopes. :)

Our first snowfall is supposedly on its way. Our main branch is located in North Dakota, so I emailed one of my coworkers over there and asked her about it since it was supposed to hit there this morning. She said it was just starting to snow and they were predicted up to 9 inches. NINE INCHES PEOPLE!! It was just seventy degrees there yesterday!! What the hell is up with America anyway??

Two days ago we made history by electing our fist African American (well, okay, only HALF AA, half white) president. I only hope the assassination attempts stop. No joke intended.

And YES, I voted. But I want everyone who talked me into it to feel bad about it. I had to go on my birthday, the line was long, AND come to find out after I filled out the registration, that my name popped up on some list denying my right to vote!! It turned out to be something stupid, but it was all because of some elderly lady running the polls that didn't know what the heck she was doing. Volunteers are great and all, but can we train them a little first???

Finally have my thank you cards from the wedding in the mail, and if anyone complains about how long they took they can kiss my pregnant ass. I took the time to hand write over 200 of them. I know I am a little heavy on the language today, but I don't care. It's Thursday, and if you give a shit get off my blog, you know?

Hopefully shoveling out the apartment this week.

Write more later!!

Kristi Rufener


  1. Let's see I got married in February, finished my thank yous in May... after much nagging from my wonderful mommy!! And found out I was pregnant the first of June!! So wow you're way behind on your thank yous!!! Just just sound alittle rattled on your blog so I thought I'd add to it! Something to look forward to... Baby shower thank yous! I may have mine out by her first birthday!!!LOL

  2. Oh, how icky is that??? I threw up in my mouth a little.

    I heart my stat counter. I had to add mine in using another website. You just add it like you would anything else on your sidebar. This is the site I used. Happy Counting!


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