Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Facebook: The NEW Reality

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who reads this faithfully, even if IT is to help you fall asleep. I really appreciate all the comments and support. Sometimes it's nice to know there are people listening, even if they are your deepest most private thoughts.

My mommy list phrase of the day is this:

"You will be amazed at what color cheetos turn a green microsuede couch- but even more impressed at how whenever you do laundry you can throw in three hundred socks and still only come up with two matching pairs. You will also be amazed that you don't hesitate to put a purple sock with a yellow on a school day."

I was home this morning for a better part of the day because my daughter wasn't feeling well. I took that time to have a real breakfast (pancakes and eggs with orange juice) and to clean the kitchen.

After she started feeling better, dad carted her off to school and I was home alone. Rachel called me up and told me she had finally received the pictures from her wedding, so I sat down to go through some of them. While I was checking pictures, I also started browsing Facebook, since I haven't been on there in ages... Literally since about August. I saw someone on I haven't talked to in a while, so I took the time to say hi. Not even thirty seconds into the conversation, I was bombarded with questions about Craig. Does he see his daughter, does his daughter call Kevin dad, et cetera. I finally got pissed enough that I just typed the truth:
Kevin IS Bekah's dad; in EVERY way that counts.
She quickly typed in that she had to go back to work.
I knew I didn't miss people that much... there is usually a reason I don't talk to someone for a long period of time.
I have been blamed for the situation from the beginning. It turns out Craig has been blaming the whole thing on me. I am the reason he hasn't seen his daughter, I am the reason he is a dead beat. PUH-leeeeeeze.
I am SO DAMN SICK AND TIRED of having to defend myself to people I shouldn't have to. There is nothing interesting that is happening to them, so they try to make drama for me? I'm not having it. In fact, I can't wait to see what sort of shit hits the fan when Craig gets his letter in the mail. I can't wait to see what kind of horrible mother I am for asking him to do the right thing.
So after thoroughly depressing myself on that STUPID website (and after having decided NOT to visit it again for another six months or so) I emailed my mom whining.
She gave it to me straight- something I LOVE about my mother.
She said:
Why are you mad? This is what your dad and I told you would happen. You ARE doing the right thing. Kevin is a wonderful father, you both are lucky to have him.

Why does it seem like it only takes one person to ruin a whole day for you?

Well, lucky for me, it usually only takes one person to fix it as well.

So lets hear it for moms today. Menders of broken hearts, kissers of scraped knees, and queens of the laundry piles.

There is no other word in the English language that carries as much meaning as the word Mother.

Kristi Rufener

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