Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey, I Felt That!

It would seem that I popped out overnight!
Last night at my moms, her friend just kept staring at me saying she couldn't believe the difference between Halloween and now. Its a cute belly though! A cute belly that gets me in trouble though... This morning at the drive thru I had just put out the window when I bumped the button with my belly and started pulling the window- and my customers arm- back in to the bank! Lucky for me, she laughed off the fact that she could be missing a limb. I'm glad SOME people have a sense of humor.
My mom felt the baby kick last night. It is getting to the point that I don't just feel kicks, I can feel when she rearranges herself to get more comfortable. I get amused when I point that out to my husband-
"Babe! I am one hundred percent sure that was just an elbow! Unless it was a foot..."
Instead of the giving tree this year, my mom and I corraborated and decided to "adopt" a family. The reason for this is that I have been increasingly disappointed in the items that are asked for on the giving tree. Can you believe I read a tag one year asking for XBOX 360 games??? Oh yeah, pretty sure that kid is hurting for toys come Christmas.
There is a lady I have come to know really well this past year at my job that I love to death. When I first started, her and her family were doing okay. She was excited because her husband finally had a prosthetic leg (he lost his on the job site for a landscaping company when a mower ran it over), and she was starting a new job. Well now their disability rights keep getting stomped on, and they aren't even looking at a court date until July of '09, and they are slowly slipping behind. I thought to myself, this is a family who REALLY knows what it is like to have nothing. Now I want them to feel like they have something.
Her and I have a lunch date tomorrow, and I am going to throw her a proposal HOPEFULLY without offending her, or making her feel crappy. I'm not going to tell her it is my own family that is adopting her, just that someone I know has taken a special interest and wants to make sure they have a real Christmas this year.
The season REALLY is about the giving to me- growing up my sister and I had everything we could ever ask for. Even now there is nothing that I personally want for myself for Christmas. I have everything I want and need. That being said, I honestly feel like the best thing I can do this year is just give back and not expect anything.
I am having a huge jewelry bash on December 6th to raise money for my daughters adoption. Kevin and I are looking at a lawyer tab of about $1500 after all is said and done- and that is just IF Bekah's biological dad does the right thing and signs the papers without a struggle.
Other than that, nothing else is happening in Kristi Rufener's neighborhood.
Sometimes I prefer if there is nothing going on. It could always be worse!

Kristi Rufener

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