Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello Couch. Meet My Ass.

So here is the scoop...

Two of my good friends came down this weekend to visit me, and I took a well needed fun time with them. We dropped Bean off at her friend Ephraim's birthday party, and then spent a couple hours at the mall walking around. By the way, H & M sells the most ADORABLE baby clothes EVER!

Apparently, though, laughter is NOT the best medicine... At my check up yesterday, my blood pressure was a little elevated. Nothing to be worried about yet, but since I had problems with it when I was pregnant with Bekah my doctor would prefer that I stay home now to avoid the same problem.

SOOOOOOooooooo.... This morning I chatted with the boss mans, and he okayed it without a problem, and also shortened my hours to two instead of four thirty this week. I must have the greatest job in the world! I can't believe they would be so flexible like that.

Kristi Rufener

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