Monday, January 12, 2009

Need A Break? No Kit Kat For You.

I had a rough week. And yes I am here to complain. So grab your bootstraps and pony up, or just go the hell away.
Last Thursday I thought I was dying. I woke up with the most horrible pain I have experienced in my life. I called the clinic and was told it was my gallbladder. After an entire day of pain, I finally waddled myself into the clinic only to be told there is nothing they can do for me except drug me. Fine. So my mom filled my prescription for me, and I went home, took two, and was a drooling idiot the rest of the night. Which was at least amusing for my husband, and a break for me.
Today I am still not feeling right. Now I have a list of dietary restrictions. Sound like fun? Imagine living in a house where you can eat nothing but bread. Now picture that and having a hubby that lives on pizza and mountain dew. Yeah. Its a riot.
Thirty four weeks pregnant now and ready to be done. I was loving being pregnant until about now. I am hitting the stage where you can sleep all night and still wake up feeling like you haven't shut your eyes.
At least we have a new dishwasher. I was going insane for a while.
I had a really awesome baby shower. Hubby and I have almost everything we need. We are going to need a pack of newborn diapers, a bouncy seat, and some other small things and we are all set. I can hardly believe it is almost here. We are so ready.
And I swear to God if one more person asks me how I am feeling I am going to deck them.
Do I look like I am feeling okay?

Kristi Rufener


  1. So how ya feelin?? Ha!! Sorry I couldn't resist! Kinda like when someone says "when are you do?" and I so want to say "due?? I'm not pregnant!!!
    Anyway hope things are going better!!!!

  2. Goodness, well I hope you are feeling better... it doesn't sound like something you'd want to be going through at all, but pregnant.. my goodness. hope you get feeling better!


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