Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Shame In It

I am impressed.

I made it to 27 hours before I finally passed out yesterday.

My poor beana was up all night barfing. Tell me moms, what is it about our beds that draws our sick children to them?? Whenever she has to puke, its like her internal sensor goes off and says, "Must spray parents bed and THEN run to the bathroom, vomiting in the hall on the way.".

And to make matters worse, she was sobbing and apologizing the whole time even after I told her it was okay, no big deal, these things wash. So dad, her and I curled up on the living room floor (our bed was air drying, and no way was I going to risk her throwing up in her own bed...) watching Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. Three thirty rolled around and that was the first time I thought maybe I should pack it in, I had to be up in three hours. And that's when she started puking again. Round two lasted until right after I left for work, with beeps parked in front of cartoons and my hubby curled up on the dry side of our bed.

Needless to say, I just couldn't pull it off at work, and was able to come home at 10:30. Had to stay on the phone with Hubby all the way home, as I was thinking I might doze. All three of us crashed around noon in our bed, hubby left for work at two thirty, and beana and I got up around 5.

She is back to normal, now I feel like I could sleep for another year. You never quite make up for those all nighters.

I guess it is kind of funny to me how when you are in high school, pulling an all nighter meant running amok in the neighborhood, and maybe pilfering some booze from your friends parents.

Now, an all nighter means testing your skill at catching a half digested dinner, while simultaneously stripping the sheets off your bed and having your daughters favorite stuffed animal on the top of the wash list so that she will go back to sleep.

Man, things have changed.

The one part that made it all worth it was when she looked at Kev and said, "You are the best daddy ever.".

What court would rule against that?

Kristi Rufener


  1. My bean had a milk allergy and we didn't know it. The kid puked at least four nights a week for over a year. He didn't puke right away and only after the evening cup of milk. So, it was hard to pinpoint that it was what was causing the puking.
    Anyway, we became experts at the changing of the sheets, febreezing of the bed, covering it all with towels, hose the kid down all in under 10 minutes. I was so relieved when we stopped giving him milk!!

    I love that she told him that. So sweet. That kind of thing makes it so worth it!

  2. Oh no!!! Not sick again! Poor kid she's having a tough couple of months! Well I hope all is well now and I know Kevin is on cloud nine after the "best daddy" comment! I'll be emailing you soon!! I updated my blog today but will do it again tommorow night! My work baby shower is tommorow! Love ya! Miss ya! Julie


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