Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's So Quiet...

Right away in the morning, and right when I lay down to go to bed. Those are Charlotte's biggest activity times now. It seems Charlie is finally running out of room, and what a relief that is. Unfortunately, she is so big now that every time she moves it lights my cervix on fire. That really is my biggest gripe about pregnancy- that is the most uncomfortable feeling.
I found out at my last doctor appointment that MY OB will not be checking my cervix until I actually go into labor. He thinks they are a pointless risk of infection. Do I care? Not so much. Its like I siad in my other past blog, if this were my first baby it might irk me, but since I have been through this before I don't mind. I know every woman thinks they won't make it until their due date, but I am really starting to get a sense that my body is about ready. The weirdest thing about this pregnancy is not having a "real" date to go by. Since I haven't had a period in over five years (definitely NOT complaining, believe me) I didn't have an estimated due date to go by. We are relying soley on an ultrasound to predict my due date. I know due dates aren't accurate by any stretch of the mind, but I really would have felt more comfortable having a LMP to go by.
Still getting caught up at home. Kevin has been so insanely busy every since Circuit City started liquidating its not even funny. All of his customers that have dealt with him in the past have been rushing into the store to get his business card so they can come to him in the future, and he already has over eight computers he is working on at home. So my latest and greatest idea is revamping his office so that he actually has work space.
I told him my mom was coming over tonight to help me, and he acts like it is a blow to his ego. I know how he feels since he lost his job, and helping me get ready for baby is probably the only thing keeping him grounded right now, but he really can't do everything. (Don't tell him that...)
I imagine the crib will go up this weekend, and we should be completely ready.
Now we are just waiting on the girlie to make her grand entrance.

Kristi Rufener

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