Monday, October 6, 2008

Apartment-ally Certified.

So much for my dedication to this blog- wanting to write in it once every day hasn't worked out... and it is only the fourth day!! Ha!

I spent the weekend with my best friend Rachel, who decided to make the three hour trip at the last minute due to her hubby being on a fishing trip. Needless to say, this weekend went by in a blur of stupid giggling, guitar hero playing, Olive Garden eating frenzy.

Honestly, she is my woman soul mate! Who else could I just completely be myself with and they would laugh at me like everything I say is hysterical... Even when it's not.

So when I finally let her drag herself out of my apartment early Sunday afternoon, I am sure she was ready for a nap when she got home. No luck. She called me three hours later to tell me Michael had not only come and gone already, but had made dinner plans for the two of them. Poor girl!

Hubby and I got got ambitious and started rearranging the apartment to squeeze another little one in. We completely switched the living room and our bedroom around, and I gagged over how black the white windows were as I doused them in Windex. Also noted was that there appears to be a completely other apartment complex right behind us! And who would have thought windows were for looking out of... Ha!

So I fell into bed last night thinking, "Man, I am going to sleep like a rock! I have done nothing but work today!". Alas, it was all to no avail. As soon as I lay down, baby Rufener had a field day in utero. I have no idea what was so damned exciting, but I swear that 6.5" baby felt like a pissed off linebacker. Then hubby felt the need to have a conversation. Which wouldn't have been a huge deal except he would only ask me a question every ten minutes or so. Finally told him to shut up. When I DID finally fall asleep, I would wake up every couple of hours... I honestly think it may have something to do with switching sides of the bed with him so that I could get used to sleeping next to a baby, who will be co-sleeping in a bassinet. So do you think I am going to admit that I might be losing sleep because I am too hard-headed to admit that switching sides was a stupid idea in the first place??? Hell no. I am going to suck it up until I am too exhausted to care what side of the bed I am sleeping on.

Why oh why do humans have to be stupid creatures of habit???

On a side note, grandma is still in the hospital. They are waiting for her bladder to start working, as I guess she can't pee without a catheter in. I could tell she was feeling better today though; when I called my mom to ask about her, she was strong enough to yell something about charging her for every damn thing.

That's my girl.

Until tomorrow,

Kristi M. Rufener

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