Monday, October 20, 2008

Free Birthing, and Ignorance

For many of you that have seen the previews for the new show Free Birthing on DHC, I am encouraged that we have hit a turning point in our society.

That is, until I saw some of the message boards I am a part of on Someone posted a rant about how stupid they are, and how they are a step backwards, and how your homes can be dirty and that sort of thing. So me, being the hormonal wonder I am, wrote this in response:

First off, I would like to say that I think it is incredibly ignorant for someone to say that Free Birthing or Home Birthing is a "step backwards" in the medical world. For God's sake, why didn't everyone die then? What did we ever do without hospitals and the MIRACLE of drugs?? If I had the option, I would 100% have a homebirth..unfortunately, with us living in an apartment that is sort of out of the question.
For all of the other women on here who have said they wouldn't do it because of medical reasons (preeclampsia, prior c-section, etc.) well no kidding. Free birthing and home birthing are not for women who have had or might have complications. It is a choice for a mother who has had a complication free pregnancy.
You have just as much a chance of something unexpected happening at home as you do in a hospital.
And one more thing, for the woman who said you shouldn't deliver at home because it could be dirty- are you really going to believe that you don't catch stuff at hospitals??? Where do you think the majority of MRSA cases come from?
Educate, THEN relate.

And then I was met with applause.

We took Haley and Beeps to Eugsters this last Saturday, and our twenty minute trip ended up taking about three hours due to an accident involving a motocylce and truck. When we came upon the wreck, I knew there was no way that poor guy could have survived. I was right. He was in the news two nights ago. Apparently the truck failed to stop at a stop sign, and plowed into this guy. Yuck.

The girls had a blast, and Haley spent the night and didn't want to leave the next morning!! She is such a sweet heart. Kevin remarked how good she is, and I of course said, "Every kid is good when they aren't around their parents!!".

Getting fatter, and enjoying my new diet that does not include Big Mac's from McDonalds. Damn it. I am going to eat Big Mac's until I puke after this baby is born!

Road rally is next weekend, and hubby and I are both looking forward to that!

Also, there are several people interested in my Pontiac, so hopefully we will get that sold and be ready to go for the winter.

And that's all I know for now!

More soon.

Kristi Rufener

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