Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Little Set Back...

***I forgot to post about our ultrasound on Tuesday!! Hubby and I invited his mom to come with, and she met us there. When we got in, I mentioned to the tech that the last time we had an ultrasound, they couldn't tell us for sure if it was a boy or girl, so I asked her to check again. We weren't three seconds into that ultrasound when she said, "Oh, it's definitely a girl." She pointed out the little parts, and all I could think was, "Well, she's not so shy anymore!". So Charlotte Olivia Dale is feisty. She kicked the tech twice! It was really funny to see her little feet swooping around and feel it at the same time. Now hubby and I are in a sort of frantic overdrive... and you thought nesting was for the women! Ha!***

So last night I had to close at work. To get you up to speed, I am the lead teller at a financial insitution. We have a policy that states two people (One of them a supervisor- me) have to be in the branch at all times. Like I was saying, it was my night to close, so here I was with Chris, one of our tellers that recently quit and decided to stay on the rest of the month part time.
I had just gotten out of a sexual harassment meeting (Now I am really good at it! lol) and I noticed that I was having contractions. Just Braxton Hicks, nothing painful- just uncomfortable. At first I was a little surprised, being only 20 and a half weeks along I thought it was too early to feel them... But apparently its pretty common to feel them this early with your second baby.
I put up a post on Cafemom to ask other moms if they experienced this, and got a lot of reasurring feedback, until I had had more than ten of them in an hour. So I called my doctor- not to be a Debbie Downer, but I'm not sure how I feel about my doctor yet... He is kind of spacey, and inexperienced. He couldn't remember my name, couldn't get logged into his computer, and couldn't even tell me what I should do. So there was a pointless ten minutes of my life I can never get back. *Sigh*
Luckily, when I got to my mom's house and had a chance to sit down and put my feet up they subsided, and the baby started moving around which made me feel better.
But then I started thinking two things:
I hope this isn't a preview of how the rest of the pregnancy is going to go. Not that I am complaining, but if I get a lot of episodes like that, it is going to be exhausting. Even Braxton Hicks contractions take a bit out of you.
And I am starting to wonder if it is safe for me to close at work anymore... What if I had an emergency?? I couldn't leave if I was one of the only two people here.
My biggest problem right now is that I don't want my boss to think I am skirting my responsibility, or that I am incompetent now that I am pregnant. I keep trying to do as much as I did around here before I was pregnant, but I just don't think I can handle it. And then I stress myself out, which isn't good for me, the baby, or anyone else around me that has to deal with me on a daily basis.
I guess for right now I will take it one day at a time, and when we get someone hired in here to take Chris's place it shouldn't be so bad.
Keep your fingers crossed.

Kristi M. Rufener

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