Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On Life.

Took half the day off at work yesterday. I needed it. There is so much stress I am worrying myself into a state. That makes me have Braxton Hicks, which are stressful all by themselves.
I typed out a whole blog about what my weekend was like, and when I went to copy it so that it wouldn't delete it, it suddenly disappeared... I was livid to the point that I didn't bother to retype it.

My friend is about ready to pop. She is due pretty much any day now, so I am just waiting for my phone call. Her dad had a school-wide event yesterday where he cut all of his hair off for Locks of Love. All nineteen inches of it! My daughter told me all about it when I picked her up yesterday.

My grandma is home and doing fine. She had to see the doctor yesterday, and they took out her catheter, so at least she doesn't have that to worry about. She is going to stay at my mom's for a while yet, though I am not sure how long.

Hubby and I are doing well. I hate that I am constantly busy, and that we never seem to have enough money. Living paycheck to paycheck is not ideal. We will be caught up eventually, it's just the thought of waiting to be caught up that gets to me.

Speaking of cell phones, I have had it up to here with mine. This oh so wonderful Razor that everyone recommended? Right. Stupid battery won't stay charged. Calls are going straight to voice mail instead of ringing. And the damned thing is so slim, I can't hold it with my shoulder so that I can have two hands free!

Hubby and I went shopping on Sunday and picked up some super cute little outfits for the baby. He was feeling down because I hadn't gone shopping with him. We hit Kohl's, and found a lot of great stuff! We didn't pay over four dollars for anything we bought.

It was also my g-mas seventy third birthday on Sunday, so we had to stop at the Gritty (The Nitty Gritty Birthday Place, it's a Madison, WI thing...) and get her her birthday mug. Bekah also picked her out some hot pink socks with black spider webs on them. G-ma loved them. Sandee and Bill also came to mom's to celebrate, and I got to see the quilt Sandee is making me as a wedding present. It is gorgeous!! I have this certain feeling of pride when I see it, because I picked out the fabrics myself, and they go together perfectly.

Saturday Whitney and I hung out with Ephraim and Bekah. We went to China Buffet for lunch- I could eat there every day. Then we took the kids to Burlington and my Beeps (that's Bekah) helped me pick out some stuff for her baby sister. She is getting so excited!! Just last night she kissed my belly and told her baby sister good night. I hope she stays this positive even after Charlotte is born.

I am now at 21 weeks and 3 days. I get my glucose test (my FAVORITE test ever!! *see "dripping sarcasm" in the dictionary) and I am pretty much predicting they are going to send me in for the more extensive three hour test. My doctor is sweet, but he is kind of a ding dong. Oh well, no one is perfect!

If we weren't tight on money, everything would be so perfect right now. But there I was, at four in the morning, wide awake because I was thinking about a credit card I have. The worst part is that I have the money to make the payments, so I'm not even sure why I am worrying about it!

Will update again tomorrow!

Kristi M. Rufener

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