Monday, July 13, 2009

A Message From Gma and Gpa

This is a picture of our Granddaughter, Charlotte

She is 5 months old today; unfortunately, she is not here to celebrate with us today. Charlotte was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, which is a rare cancer (only 500 cases in U.S. a year) that effects mostly young infants and children. She is doing well, and has completed her first round of chemo (Yes Chemo For a 5 month old). Charlotte is a real trooper and has been a very happy baby. When she has chemo, she looses her immunity at times, and is very susceptible to infection. For her own protection she has to stay away from crowds or any place she can come in contact with infections. Charlotte has blood draws twice a week to be tested, right now she is at a low point in her cycle and we need to protect her. She is home right now with her mom. We are very proud of Charlotte, and of course her Mom Kristi, and her Dad Kevin. They have been down a path in life that has changed, and will be changing their lives forever. There have been many prayers all over the U.S.A., Canada, and as far away as Europe for her and hopefully they will be answered. This is a very curable form of cancer and a prognosis looks good. She has a tumor about the size of your fist which is wrapped around her spine like little fingers and cannot be operated on. The tumor is putting pressure on her spine, and cutting off the use of her legs. Hopefully with chemo it will shrink the tumor and she will regain the use of her legs again. Luckily her parents were observant enough to catch it before it spread to the rest of her body and ended her life. This is one of the fastest growing cancers but the faster the growth, the faster it reacts to treatment, which is good. We have had a lot of encouragement with all the help from U.W. children’s hospital (they are great). They have a lot of great people and programs. Kevin and Kristi have had a lot go on in their lives this year. Kevin was the lead computer Technician at Circuit City for 5 years and of course when they went down in March, Kevin lost his job. And to top it off their apartment has mold which is a big enemy of Charlotte, they right now are living with Kristi’s parents till they can figure something out. Kristi is the lead teller at Starion bank in Middelton, the problem is she does not have very good insurance, so they were in trouble when Kevin lost his job. Kevin and Kristi were smart enough to get the kids insured. Kevin and Kristi also has a 6 year old daughter, her name is Bekah. Our prayers are going out to them everyday, and I would ask each and every one of you to put them in your prayers, it would mean the world to us.

Thanks Jim and Kathy Rufener

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