Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Post 100

Frustration and aggravation.

Confusion, disillusion.

So, everything was going along smoothly, almost great. Kev and I got out and saw a movie on our anniversary. Went to Babies R Us and blew some money. Had a nice day by ourselves.

The apartment is almost finished- Kevin, his parents, and my mom have done most of the work admittedly, which I really appreciate as I did not feel well at all yesterday, and now mom and I are going over tonight to finish it up.

Charlie's latest round of chemo hasn't seemed to make her sick at all. Which is a blessing.

So it begs the question- what could possibly go wrong?

And as soon as it's out of your mouth, you slap yourself in the face, but it's too late, it eked out, and now you have to deal with the consequences.

Which brings me back to Chartwell- the people that apparently like to kick you when you are down.

If you remember my earlier post about the lovely people at Chartwell, our supplier for Charlie's line care, I had mentioned that they sent us the wrong Heparin flushes, ten times over her normal dose, and I barely caught it. Refresh your memory now?

Well, Tammy, our in home care nurse, stopped by yesterday to take Charlotte's CBC (blood draw) and casually mentioned to my father in law that Chartwell was refusing to send us supplies because of our insurance.

I had a little tussle with my insurance company a week ago because they had been claiming that they hadn't received my check- one phone call later and I was assured that everything was fine.

I figured Chartwell was whining because of this fluke, so I asked Tammy for their number and called them directly. Talked to some lady named Jane- a little off track here, I used to LOVE the name Jane...until now.

"My name is Kristi Rufener, I'm calling because I was told by our in home care nurse that there was a conflict with Charlotte's supplies?"

There was a long sigh on the other end of the phone.

"Kristi, I have went back and forth with you about this four or five times now-"

I interrupted her immediately.

"I think you are mistaken- no one from Chartwell has EVER called me about anything other than supply orders."

A pause.

"Well, then I have talked to your case worker about it four or five times. Anyway, we don't accept Benchmark insurance. It's really complicated."

Uh huh.

"Well I have a problem, Jane, because we are almost OUT of supplies, and Walgreens is telling us they won't cover us because it is Chartwell's responsibility to pick it up."

Another long sigh on her end. I must be royally screwing her perfect world.

"Kristi? I am going to have to call your caseworker in the morning. See, it's after five now and all the Dane county office's close at five, so I will call Joan in the morning."

"Joan? Who's Joan?"

"Joan, your caseworker..."

"Joan isn't my caseworker..."

I hear papers shuffling, another long sigh, the thought crosses my mind that if she keeps sighing like that she might just pass out on her stupid face.

"Okay, Kristi, who IS your caseworker?"

"Jen S*****, at the Stoughton Resources Building."

"I don't know any Jen. What's her number?"

I give her the number, noting that it is actually only ten to five and NOT after five like she claimed.

"Okay Kristi, do you have enough syringes to last through tomorrow?"

I nod my head and then say yes when it dawns on my that she can't see my face... which is probably a good thing at this point, because if looks could kill I would have fried this self righteous tart into a steaming pile of Jane. Believe it.

"Okay then, I am going to call your caseworker JEN in the morning, and see if we can get this sorted out."

I got off the phone then and sort of sat on the back porch staring off into space.

I was having another one of those moments where I wish I had the ability to plant my feet on the Earth and push off into flight. Usually, I only get about a foot off the ground before I realize all I've really done is jump, and then the neighbors are staring at me like I'm batty.

Time for my own heavy sigh, and I head back into the house where I am greeted with a howl from Charlie, who is sitting in her swing trying to chew her fingers off without teeth. I'm not sure she will be so successful in that endeavor, but boy is she trying.

Feed, change diaper, put her on the floor with one of her fifteen favorite blankie's, which she nuzzles contentedly, and finally falls asleep.

"What are we going to do now?"

It's not like the supplies are birth control and I can just abstain from sex- these are honest to god medical supplies for a cancer patient, and they are going to tell me that they don't take state health insurance?

The phone rings.

"Hey, Kristi! How's life treatin' ya?"

It's Lisa Keller. I smile easily. She does that to you.

"Hey Lisa. We are having a problem with Chartwell refusing us supplies due to insurance."

"Yeah, I heard."

"I'm just really beside myself- the lady was rude to me, and I can't imagine how they can refuse medical supplies to someone in need like that..."

"Well, you know, if it comes down to it we will just slip you a case from the hospital. I'm not going to let you guys run out. I will talk to Joyce in the morning and see what's going on. Give the lady a little slack, it IS the end of the work day."

"I guess..."

"Hey, I will call you in the morning and see how things are going and let you know what I find out."

If there is an angel on this Earth, it is Lisa Keller.

Kristi Rufener

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