Monday, July 20, 2009

Round Two- Come Out Swinging!

This last weekend was a busy one for the Rufener clan as a whole.

Kev, Whitney, Aimee and I spent most of the weekend moving out of our apartment. We got a fair amount done, too. But I am realizing how much crap you can accumulate in five years. It's almost embarrassing!

This is Aunt C- (Whitney) posing with Bekah and Charlie:

Saturday night, Whit an I stopped out at Sarah's bachelorette party. The whole group of girls were going up to the Dell's in a limo, but before they did they all got together at Ashley V's house to play some games and chat. Whit and I made it just in time for the games. One of them involved a toilet paper roll and a plunger. I'm not going to get into the logistics, but I suppose that you can kind of tell what was going on by this picture of Sarah and I.

Her wedding is this weekend- the 25th. The big joke is that Kevin and I can celebrate our first anniversary at their wedding, because it will be free dinner and dancing. Ha. We are so cheap...

My parent's recently took a trip out west, and got back last Friday. It seems like they had a good time. Which is a great thing, considering we seem to be taking over their house. So to stay on grandpa Mark's good side, I snuck a picture of Charlie in his green polka dot hat... Lots of stories there, even one involving a mule named Donk... And that's all I have to say about that.

My mom cut Kev's hair shorter today, and Charlie has been fascinated with it. It is so adorable to watch her run her hands over his head, and just smile in adoration. She REALLY loves her daddy...

She went in for surgery today to get her Hickman single-Lumen catheter put in, which is supposed to be a step up from her PICC line. This one protrudes from her chest instead of the crook of her arm, and has a wider tube so we don't have to be psychotically careful when flushing it. She will be receiving all of her chemo medication through this line from now on, as her PICC was removed during the surgery as well. Here is a picture of what her Hickman looks like, and it is a little intimidating due to it's placement, but I can assure you she hasn't acted like it is uncomfortable to her at all.

The dressing will need to be changed on it every three days for a month, and then it will be completely healed and can go without a dressing, which is exciting. Less of a risk of infection with this line.

We are in the hospital as I type this, about an hour away from her second dose of chemo. It's sort of ironic- this medicine we give her to save her life makes her sick. When she was first diagnosed almost a month ago, I didn't hesitate to say start her on the chemo, and now that I have had time to think about it and watch her get so sick and then get healthy again- my brain tortures me about giving her another dose. That's the funny thing about her cancer- she just seems so HEALTHY that you don't WANT to give her chemo, even though you KNOW the tumor is still there, and she REALLY isn't well...

I cannot WAIT for this crazy catch 22 to be over. You know you are doing the right thing, but it just makes you physically ill to be the one to make that call.

You can bet we will be throwing one helluva party when all this is done.

It is one chapter of my life I can't wait to end.

Kristi Rufener

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