Friday, June 12, 2009

70th Post Survery

Get your brains moving!

"Thought Provoking Survey" by courcoo

Question Your Answer
1. Are people essentially good or essentially bad?

People are a product of their nature. They are essentially reacting to their environment- be it good OR bad.

2. When lots of things go wrong at once, how do you react? What goes on in your mind?

I am usually stoic, but want to make sure I am heard. My brain instantly prioritizes- what is the most important issue at hand.

3. What are some of the most important lessons you've learned about pain in your life?

No matter how much you love someone, if it's not reciprocated NOW it probably won't be later. And no one lives forever.

4. If you could sum up your philosophy of life in a few sentences, what would it be?

Your children are the legacy you leave on this Earth- raise them the way you want them to carry on.

5. If you had to explain why the world is the way it is to your children, what would you say?

See number one.

6. Do you believe things always turn out for the best?

Maybe. (Google the chinese story about luck)

7. What are you the most proud of about yourself and your life?

That I never became a statistic when I had my daughter at 17. My husband and I both worked extremely hard for what we have.

8. Do you procrastinate a lot of the time, much of the time, or not much at all?

Admittedly, a LOT of the time... I don't put it off until it is a problem, but if it is something I don't enjoy I WILL put it off as long as possible without getting in trouble...

9. What risks have you taken in your life? Have you avoided any?

I am actually NOT a big risk taker. I have avoided plenty of risks. I buckle my seat belt EVERY time.

10. Are you usually on time or late for appointments?

Early. Good things happen to those who arrive before schedule.

11. In what areas of your life would you say you are the most irresponsible(finances, health, returning phone calls)?

House Keeping. Good gravy I am HORRIBLE at that.

12. Do you consider yourself sensitive to other people's feelings?

Empathetic more than anything. I don't usually get "sad" for people, but I DO help them rationalize about the situation. I am not good at crying- I like to confront problems HEAD ON instead of crying about it...please note that I am NOT putting down anyone that does cry, however.

13. What kinds of things do you feel are inherently wrong, and what wouldn't bother you?

I feel that people who think their religion is THE religion are a big problem. It doesn't bother me if you worship a banana, but don't push your beliefs on me.

14. Do you think all is fair in love and war?

Not at all. If you are scummy enough to go after a married man, karma will catch you. And love is all about karma.

15. Are you a saver or a spender?

Both accordingly. I LOVE to shop- when I have the money to spend.

16. What is compatiablity to you?

Compatability to me is someone who "gets" you, and doesn't try to tweak you to match them just right.

17. If you were in an argument/disagreement with a friend/spouse/family member, would you most likely be the one who yields, withdraws, compromises, wins or resolves?

I would say resolves. I am a huge problem solver. And I NEVER go down without a fight.

18. If you inherited a large sum or money and could afford to live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Would else would you do with the money?

As sad as it sounds, I probably at this time would stay within a 30 mile radius. I love where I am right now. The rest of the money? I have a couple of friends I would love to share it with, and the rest would be saved.

19. What foods do you enjoy, and what are your feelings on eating healthy?

Pasta, and seafood. I have a problem. Eating healthy?? I love it! But I am too lazy to keep up with it.

20. Do you believe in the saying, "Forgive and forget"? Why or why not?

I don't. I don't think you should EVER forget- if a dog bit you, would you forgive? Maybe. But I hope to God you wouldn't be stupid enough to stick your hand in its face again. Or you deserve to get bit twice.

21. What book has changed your life? Why and How?

The Secret. Read it, and you will understand.

22. Do you think education is essential?

Absolutely. Have you noticed my steller grammar and spelling? I wasn't born with that.

23. What are your ambitions for life?

Right now while I am young and my kids are young, I want to be home. I hate missing those milestones. But at the same time, I love my job and want a healthy competitive career. Most of all, I want my family to be happy. And I think that's where we are now.

24. Do you see change as good or detrimental?

Absolutely detrimental. Could you imagine going through life with the same job, the same haircut, the same friends, the same everything?? Who could handle that??

25. There is a person begging for food, would you ignore them or give them some money for food?

Money. Hands down. If they spend it on booze, that is their burden to carry, not mine.

26. Do opposites attracting ensure relationship success----your thoughts.

For sure. My husband and I can be polar opposites, and it just works. Yin and yang. We balance each other out.

27. You really like a person, do you look them in the eyes or twiddle your thumbs and look at your feet?

Eyes. I find that it throws people off. I want everyones first impression of me to be, "Wow, she is not easily intimidated..."

28. You meet the parents for the first time and they disagree with something you are very passionate about, do you agree with them or keep quiet respecting their opinion?

I jump in with both feet and give my side of the story. Its something my father in law likes about me. We are both very passionate people, and always have a respectable argument.

29. Who is the most important person in your life? Why?

Me. If I'm not happy, how can I expect anyone around me to be? I want to infect happy.

30. Is there someone who can make you angrier than anyone else in your life and how do they do that?

For SURE! My sister. Because I KNOW she has more potential then she thinks she does and it drives me BONKERS to no end!

31. What bores you? What never bores you?

Routine bores me. I can't handle a 9-5 mailroom job. My kids never bore me, however. They keep me young.

32. In order, what are your three strongest interests?

1. Foreign Countries (China, Japan, etc.)
2. Children
3. Art

33. What makes you feel loved?

Hugs. Can't get enough hugs. In fact, when my now husband hugged me over four years ago, I fell for him all over again...

34. You spill mustard on your plain white t-shirt at lunch, do you rush home to change it, use a shout-wipe to clean it, or ignore the spot and wear the shirt?

I am going to one up you...I will put a sticker over it. It doesn't bother me. I'm human. And I hate doing laundry.

35. Someone offers you a million dollars to read a long list of books in one year, the person is sure to include books that are opposite your general tastes, would you take them up on the offer?

Definitely! I LOVE books! And I always finish them whether I like them or not...coincidentally, I haven't actually met a book I have disliked.

36. You are pregnant or your wife is pregnant, do you want to know the sex of the baby or be surprised?

Surprised. Every time I have had to find out- the first time I wanted to know, the second time my husband wanted to know. Is it going to be a surprise next time? Probably not.

37. What is your number one pet peeve?

POOR GRAMMAR! Its like nails on a chalk board to me!

38. Would you date an atheist?

Yes. As I mentioned before, religion doesn't bother me unless someone tries to push it on me. And I would love to converse with an athiest- I find it fascinating, just like I find any religion I don't know about fascinating.

39. Could you go a week without brushing your teeth?

No. Gross. Fuzzy teeth are not cool.

40. Someone confesses a wrong against you, you respond how?

It must not have been bad enough to merit much attention from me, but if it is bad you can bet I will let you know exactly how I feel about it.

41. You are told to gather a duffle bag of items for an extended stay on a secluded island without any modern conveniences or contact with the outside world, what would you bring?

Books, a diary, a couple pens, and a laptop. Sorry, but I would HAVE to talk to my family.

Please enjoy, and repost in YOUR blogs with your answers! I can't wait to read them! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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