Monday, June 15, 2009


I need to lose weight.

No really. There is money involved. We are having a biggest loser type competition at work, and the winner gets to claim all of the entry fees ($10 per person). And I want it. Bad.

So I am going to be starting the C25K (couch to 5K) program on the 22nd, and before then I am going to stock up on all the crap I just love to eat before I cut it out completely. So I ought to be almost 200 pounds before this thing starts.

The couch to 5K is a program designed to get you 5K ready in 9 weeks- in that time frame you should be able to run that distance without stopping. And anyone who knows me knows I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to run. Couldn't in high school due to the boob factor- I used to be an E. But thanks to a reduction, I am now the proud owner of a couple of large C's that should be just a bit less restrictive.

Speaking of knowing me, anyone that does also knows that I L O V E my breasts now. Seriously. They are like an obsession of mine. I KNEW I should have been born a man.

So I will be putting updates on here when my program starts to let you know how I am progressing, and expect me to be strung out when I start hitting that calorie withdrawal.

Ahhhh....learning to 5K in the land of wheat grass and rice cakes. Yum.

They really should have started this competition in January. On February 11th I miraculousy managed to shed 25 pounds....of course it was all baby, but hey, no need to play the blame game.

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