Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday...

This is called a Not Me Monday post, in which I am supposed to mention that it was not me who taught my daughter how to use the toaster, and it was not me who received a picture message of two poptarts that were so black I had to actually ask my husband what the picture was.

I am also not supposed to mention that it was not me who was in such a hurry to change my grunting daughters diaper that I ended up catching poo in a baby wipe with one hand while shoving my six year old out of the way with the other. And it was DEFINITELY not me that succumbed to pizza peer pressure instead of making something healthier for supper, just because it was convenient.

It was also not me that let my six year old choose her summer school classes, and it's not me who laid the responsibility of carting her around with her father and grandmother.

It's not me that had chinese for lunch three days in a row last week after complaining about not having any money.

It's not me who was disappointed after reading the newest book from my favorite author, and it's not me who was also a little upset that she paid extra to have it shipped right away.

And it was definitely not me who was laughing at my four month old who kept pouting every time I fed her pears and went, "MMMMMMMmmmmmmm!".

It was not me that sat with the baby while my husband did laundry yesterday by himself.

...but it IS me that laid awake last night and thanked my lucky stars for my beautiful family.

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