Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kristi's Ten Guilty Pleasures

Since my life has been pretty "happy mom in the suburbs" lately, I am going to pick a random topic to post about. Kristi's Ten Guilty Pleasures- some little known things that I like to do to wind down, which brings me to number 10:

Bubble baths.

I don't care if it is 90 degrees outside, I will make it work. There is never innapropriate time for a bubble bath. And I don't mean a five minute soak that started as a bubble bath but turned into me changing a screaming baby, I am talking about a 45 minute bath where you may have to add more hot water.

Number 9:

"Sampling" a candy at the grocery store.

Okay, so it might be a little illegal, but I KNOW everyone does it even if I am the only one that will admit it. My personal favorite is the Jelly Belly isle- I might not be a big alcohol drinker, but you show me someone who doesn't enjoy a margharita jelly bean, and I will show YOU someone who needs a surgical procedure to remove their head from their nether regions.

Number 8:

Smelling flowers.

Go ahead, make fun of me for saying something so cliche, but it's true. There is something immediately calming about shoving your face in a bunch of flowers and inhaling deeply- as long as you don't snort a bee.

Number 7:

Laying in bed. For no reason. Not to nap, not to get frisky, just strictly to lay there under the blankets because it is comfortable. My friend Sarah and her fiance bought my husband and I Egyptian cotton sheets, and it has been a small obsession of mine ever since.

Number 6:

Going for a walk with my hubby and my kids. That's all. Nothing clever or witty to add on to it. Just plain ol' fashioned walking.

Number 5:


In my public blog.

I like to go back and read about how hilarious I am. But seriously, I am funny.

Number 4:


In my private blog.

I like to piss and moan and gripe about my innermost pet peeves.

And if you haven't been invited to that blog, well, you are probably the topic of discussion for the day. Sorry.

Number 3:

Shopping. But not hardcore Ineedtodropsomemoneyfast shopping; the kind where the only money you spend is likely on a coffee or lunch, and the rest of the time is spent browsing and making a mental wish list. (And even that is getting too expensive for me now...)

Number 2:

Talking to my friends.

I have a solid foundation of friends that I talk to on a regular basis that have been my friends for a VERY long time. Over half of my life. Okay, so I am only 23, but I think 10+ years is still impressive.

And lastly, Number 1:

Reading books.

Books of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Any topic, any author, they are my ticket to faraway lands and distant times. I have been Chinese, Hispanic, rich, poor, a slave, a millionaire... I consider books to be one of the MOST important parts of being the human species. What other creature on Earth has the creative capacity that homo sapiens do?

So if you can't get ahold of me, and I'm not blogging, you can bet you will find me in the bathtub, reading a book.

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  1. I feel so privileged, I have been a part of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Your top FIVE! Woo Hoo! lol


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