Monday, June 8, 2009


Should I pray for money?

Its getting tight now where it wasn't before. Any night we would have given up and ordered pizza is turning into a webetterdiginthecupboardandseewhatwecandigupevenifitisspaghettiosagain.

We were rained out of our money making weekend, so we essentially blew $400+ on paper, ink, and gas to drive down to Day at the Drags and drive back the next day when it was raining. And then my aunt emailed me to tell me she isn't going to put in that new concrete driveway she had been talking to my husband about. So there goes another grand. Honest to blog. Frickety frick frick.

At least the weekend wasn't a total loss. We DID get to camp out in a tent Friday night, my hubby and our friend Aimee. Even if it WAS only 50 degrees outside by 3 am and the hubby went on a blanket run to our neighboring tent where his friend was sleeping. He was met by a foreful HELLO when his friend heard the zipper moving.

And I did drink a little, and sing some karaoke.

And now we get to do it ALL OVER AGAIN on the 15th of August.

Word to your mother.

Pray to Jeebus for money? I think I will pray to the lottery God. No offense, oh holy heavenly father, but I don't think the winning pick 5 numbers were EVER mentioned anywhere in the good book.

Can you believe I honestly have NO SISTER IN LAW DRAMA right now?? This is SO GREAT people. Its like holding your pee for 24 hours before you finally grab onto the back tire of the truck, squat, and let the piss out!

All together now:


And if you need an explanation as to where I was going with that, you are on your own buster.

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