Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The End of an Era?

Mary had her baby yesterday. And my husband says, "Good. At least we don't have to hear about how she is pregnant anymore."

"Yeah, now we have to hear about a baby constantly."

"Nope. Cause' we aren't going to be around her."

I knew I loved him.
Charlotte is figuring out she has a voice, and she was using it last night.

She was propped up on my side, with her head straight in the air and that unfaultering gaze of hers never leaving my face. And then she would let loose with a loud OOooOOo that surprised even her. And then it delighted her. Her whole face would light up when she realized she could make that much noise. It is quite a contrast to the nasily sounds she was making before.

Seems like this child is going to give Bekah a run for her money.

And also, it would seem I cursed myself yesterday by bringing up my mom hitting a bird.

Because on my way home from picking Bekah up, I totally flattened a baby bird in the road. I KNEW I hit it, but I STILL turned around hoping I was wrong.

It made me feel bad the rest of the night.

Curse you, Goodyear.

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