Friday, May 15, 2009

The Markism Way of Life

Markism: A phrase or word coined by the Man Himself, Mark Christen. Sometimes used to describe an action, other times used for no reason at all. Often does not make sense to the unsuspecting victim, and can cause the victim to attempt to correct said user of the Markism. Use cautiously, but never seriously.

So my dad rigged up the racing trailer to pick my car up last night, and I stood in the driveway and watched him leave. I am now for the next 10 hours or so a proud Pontiac owner. And she is a sexy car! You have to press the brakes extra hard because she just doesn't want to slow down.

I slogged my way home, and crapped out upstairs on my bed watching Erin Brockovich until I was sure that an hour had passed. Then I called my mom.

"Hey mom. Did you guys get the car in the trailer okay?"

"Yep. Dad drove it in. Well, sort of."

"Did he say whats wrong with it?"

Now, dear listeners, this is when the Markism comes into play. If any of you have ever been lucky enough to be in the presence of a Markism, you will know that under the right circumstance you can laugh for the next five days or so. He is just that witty. This time, however, I didn't laugh.

"Sure. Your dad said your transmission is hamburger."

OH. Well HELL. No wonder it won't run. Thanks for clearing that all up for me.

And thanks. Because now I can't go to McDonalds for lunch without crying about my car.

Pity party at my place, 7 o'clock, BYOK.

(That's bring your own kleenex. Call it a Kristism. Or maybe a Pissedoffism would be more appropriate.)

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