Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life is...Droll?

My mom hit a bird in the car once.

I know how morbid this is going to sound, but it was strangely beautiful. The way all the feathers scattered behind the car much like the way dandelion seeds fan out when you blow on them.

My life feels sort of like that right now. Jumbled, and blown apart on the wind. Maybe its the sleep deprivation- the baby is sick. Or maybe its the way all of the days are sort of flowing together. I hate monotonous living. Get up, work, eat, play with kids, sleep, repeat. Pretty soon the litter box needs to be changed and you are another year older. Its strange to think that a year ago I was excited about our wedding, and now I am changing diapers. Did it all happen that fast?

Kevin got a job offer today that he is looking into on Thursday. Its the second time THEY have contacted HIM, and it's kind of flattering in a way, being married to someone who is sort of "semi-famous"- granted it IS a town with a population under 3000, but still something to be proud of.

I am sitting her with my super mega jumbo iced vanilla coffee trying desperately to keep my eyes open, and going over what bills need to be paid in my head. Too bad the actual bills AREN'T all in my head.

This weekend went by in its predictable blur. Had to work Saturday, then home to see my girls. Sunday? Graduation party. Then to a beer tent where the one beer my husband promised me turned into a community beer that I got four sips out of at the most. Monday? Memorial day. Went to the lake with my husband and his parents and went for a boat ride. Fell asleep on the way home.

And Tuesday? Well, I'm here.

What more do you want from me?

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