Monday, May 18, 2009

Fried, Baked, or Broiled?

I told my mom I absolutely wasn't going to the party Saturday. No way. Not going to be there, no how.

So, I'm at the party Saturday, and it went pretty much as I expected it to. And Chad? He is outta his flippin' gourd.

He felt it necessary to explain to me that the reason he didn't want to do my "Get To Know The Couple" survery was because he thought my questions were stupid. Maybe he didn't use that exact word, but it would have saved him a lot of mindless talking if he would have just said that and left it at that. But no. He had to tell me that he didn't think anyone would get the questions right. Sort of the point, no? Well, when he started saying that he didn't appreciate that I left it until the last minute, I interrupted him immediately to give my view on the subject.

"Well, sorry, but your PARTY wasn't even ON until the last minute."

Big mistake. Because THEN it became about how my sister wasn't looking for a job, and how he wasn't going to cancel the wedding- because that was "his girl"- but he WOULD push the date back until she grew up a little. And how she can't live at his apartment for free, blah blah.

That's about when I stopped listening and decided this guy was completely bananashit.

And I did illicit an eye roll from my mother when I blatantly asked my sister if I was going to need Chad's approval for anything bride related- i.e. the shower or bacherlorette party.

Because maybe SHE likes to be controlled, but anyone that knows me knows I come out swinging when you try to put me "in my place".

My husband sure didn't marry me for my ability to roll over and take it.

Speaking of my husband, you should have seen his face last night.

Charlotte has a cold. And last night she was hacking and coughing. It was rough. Dad was up, mom was up, Charlotte was miserable. Dad propped up the mattress, and rocked her to sleep only for her to wake up again a few hours later. Dad refused to put her in bed with us, citing that he didn't want her to think she could sleep there every night.

Mom was finally fed up- and when Dad fell asleep, she scooped up the Charlie girl and plopped her in bed with her.

Charlie slept like- well, like a log I guess.
It was worth it.

And mom is telling dad how to make Charlie feel better.

"So, if she is still really stuffy in the morning, I want you to put her in her bouncy seat in the bathroom, turn the shower on as hot as it goes, and let the bathroom fog up."

Kevin was horrified. And I was mystified.

"You want me to what???"

I re-explained myself, and he visibly relaxed.

"Good God, I thought you were telling me to put HER in the shower and turn it on as hot as it goes."

Okay, so for a few seconds my husband thought I went off the deep end and told him to boil our baby.

This week is off to a most excellent start.

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