Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Glances...

Tend to get you in trouble. Here is a spot on example:

I went to NBC's website , and the headline was "Take Your Brat To School Day".

And my first thought was, Wow. They just come right out with it don't they?? I didn't realize it had changed from take your CHILD to work day to take your BRAT to work day.

And then I saw this:

And slapped my self on the forehead.

Well, DUH. Of course they were talking about BRATWURSTS. This day in age you can't even look at a child sideways without getting smacked on the wrist by the school district, why did I even think that they would be referring to actual kids when they said BRAT.

And then I realized why I thought that.

I mean, I WAS the one that put my youngest in a onesie that says I am the good one, my sister is the brat.

It was bound to happen.


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