Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Tearjerker

There are two books that I am really excited about right now.

For those of you that know me well, Jodi Picoult has easily been my paperback love interest in the last year. I have read every book she has written, and haven't met a story I haven't liked.

But another author has captured my attention- Lisa See. If you haven't read anything by her, NOW is your chance.

You have to pick up Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, which is one of my all time favorites. It is about life through the eyes of a young girl in China during the footbinding ages, who becomes sames (sister-like best friends) with another young girl. The book chronicles their lives from childhood to adulthood, through marriage, children, and ultimately, death.

One of her other books that I like is called Peony in Love. That book is a story about how love conquers all, even death.

Now, on May 26th, she has a new book coming out called Shanghai Girls. It takes place in a more modern China than the China she has previously written about. Can't wait!

Also, for anyone affected by the war in Iraq (or any war, for that matter) you NEED to pick up A Journal For Jordan by Dana Canedy. I haven't read it yet, but the reviews and the excerpt are amazing.

This is a story about a father to be who leaves for Iraq, and who's fiance makes him keep a journal for his son while he is away on active duty. The journal becomes his way of speaking to his son when he can't be there with him. He is eventually killed in a road side bombing, but sends the journal back to his fiance, who turned it into a beautiful memoir for their son.

Those are the books on my list for this summer, and while I might not have a Kindle *cough* Rachel *cough* you can bet I will do just fine reading them the old fashioned way.

They found Francie's ex-husband last night in Hoyt Park (west side of Madison, by West High School).
However, a lot cheaper for the taxpayers such as myself.
My co-worker told me she saw the comment I left on NBC 15's website.
It was something along the lines of I hope they find him and take him out one limb at a time.
Although I settled for hoping he felt absolutely terrified in his last minutes knowing he was surrounded by the SWAT team, helicopters, and every canine unit Madison had.
Sometimes life isn't what you expect, but you can expect to be surprised.
Point in case:
I have two beautiful children that I would do anything for, and a husband who loves me unconditionally.
Did I think this is how my life would turn out?
Not really.
Do I regret that?
Am I happy and fullfilled?

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  1. Kindle or no Kindle, books are GOOOOD! I am half way through Angels and Demons. Then on to the book you recomended to me, Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult. Then maybe another by her, My Sister's Keeper. Hopefully I can get to that one before the movie comes out.


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