Friday, May 22, 2009

Friends...Like a Benign Growth You Grow Accusmtomed to...

I know I can be a little harsh, and I usually tell it like it is. As most of my friends can attest to (no way).
So EVEN THOUGH I have my period for the first time in oh, say, seven years, and I got to see how broke my transmission was (think philips screw stripped completely so that when you try to turn it the screwdriver just twists freely in your hand) AND a six year old who has a nervous breakdown when grandpa eats the last pork chop she was promised, I am going to write about something fun today.

Probably the most overlooked people in my life at the moment:

My friends.

Today's blog is brought to you by one of my closest friend's, by special request. This is a friend who can talk to you about everything from shoes, to boyfriends, to family, to the color and regularity of your doo (a perfect 10 today, in case you were wondering).

Hi Whitney. Bet you thought you would never see yourself mentioned on here.

And I want to take just a second to say how proud I am of her for finally making the turn on her life, and getting her *doo* straightened out. It's about damn time.

She wanted me to blog yesterday about a memory of the two of us together, however, I run into a brick wall when I try to think of one specific thing that stands out.

There was the time we took over Junior High against all odds (we were never the popular pretty girls) to become Student Council, and put a budget together that included a rocking sound system, and threw one of the BEST school dances there ever was. Even to this day I remember that dance, and feel proud to have been a part of it.

Or, there was the time we filmed a movie about mummification for one of our classes, and used her little sister as the mummy, and taped in all in night vision (which I will have you know was a HUGE thing back then... unfortunately, it didn't stop you from tripping over stuff in the dark. Come to think of it... I wonder what happened to that movie?)

Speaking of movies, we made several of them one year including one where she spit soda all over me.

The memories are priceless and many, including the Josh Thomas and Steven Barnett summers spent at some guy's lake (I still have no idea who he was, but he never objected to us being there), to attempting to kill a daddy long leg spider in the basement with a step stool that went awry, to doing a tequila prom in a limo (don't ask...).


If I HAVE to pick one, one of my favorite ones to tell is this: (WARNING: CHEESY MOMENT AHEAD)

Everyone knows by now if you have followed my blog that I had my daughter when I was seventeen. I went through so much, and lost a lot of people I thought were my friends, but Whitney was always there to help me be excited about the life inside of me. And the day my daughter Rebekah was born, there she was, hopping up and down on one foot and then the other outside the delivery room door NOT so patiently awaiting her chance to come in. Of course, had I known she had been standing there for an hour, I would have let her come in, but the nurse didn't even tell me until after I was cleaned up. You should have seen the look on her face, she just stood over me beaming like SHE was the mom! And of course, Whitney's mom Terri worked in the hospital still so she was downstairs in a flash to give Bekah her first bath.

If any of you readers ever gets the chance to be a mom, you will know as well as I do that its what happens when your child comes in the world that matters the most, and whoever is there will leave the longest lasting impression, whether it is good or bad. There are always horror stories, and sad stories, and stories about what you would have done differently.

But I can honestly say that as far as my friends go, you are on the top.

So break out your gold polish, Whit, because I think your halo is starting to tarnish.

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