Friday, May 15, 2009


Kristi is a little *confused* right now.
Scratch that. Kristi is a lot *confused* right now.
See, Kristi offered her sister a truce yesterday. And Kristi has been going out of her way the last 24 hours to put something together for Carla's engagement party tomorrow. So Kristi called Carla tonight with her idea, which was a get to know the bride and groom questionnaire, and Carla thought it was cool. But Chad. Chad thought it was NOT so cool. And Chad got mad. And Carla told me that he was upset with me because I didn't ask permission to do this at their party.

And Kristi said (a little bit hurt, but it's okay) No Big Deal. Really. Don't Make It Into A Whole Thing.

And suddenly Chad tried to call her phone. And her husbands phone. Both of which are too dead to talk on.
So Kristi sent Carla a text asking her what was up, and Carla doesn't answer.

It's been 45 minutes, and still no answer.

And Kristi has this very uneasy feeling in her gut...

Its that feeling Kristi usually gets before something really bad happens.

So Kristi is hoping she is wrong for once. Please.

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