Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shoes Buyer's Annonymous

Grab a pen and paper and take note:

Life is fragile.

On Saturday, a woman by the name of Francine Weber was murdered right outside her apartment building in Fitchburg. This is someone who was a receptionist at the clinic in my hometown that I used to see on a monthly basis, and always looked forward to seeing my girls. Random murder? No. Apparently it was her ex-husband, who had been telling the bartender at Wildcat Lanes in Verona that he was going to go on a rampage and shoot his wife, and that he had plenty of guns to boot.

Steven Weber. Look this guy up on CCAP, he has a nasty record including choking/strangulation of his wife, child abuse (he punched and kicked his 17 year old daughter until she threw up), and disarming a peace officer. AND- this is really the kicker here- he was out on $500 bail.

WELL! THANK YOU VERYFUCKINGMUCH WISCONSIN. I guess that I can go home and kick the living crap outta my husband (as tempting as that gets sometimes, lets face it, I am not a violent person) and as long as I have $500 in my pocket I am a-okay.

I really feel like I can sleep safe at night knowing you public defenders are doing all you can to keep this gutter trash off of the streets.

The funeral is still pending, but I won't be surprised when hundreds of people show up. She was really well liked in the community. RIP Francie. You will be missed.

And when they find your ex, lets hope they take him out- one sorry damn limb at a time.


Captiol punishment has sat idle for far too long.

And me?

The most exciting thing to happen to me lately is I bought a super cute pair of shoes at Kohls the other day. And decided NOT to wear them today because they are slightly uncomfortable.

So there sits another new pair of shoes I will probably wear once and then have my husband whine to me because I let them take up space in the closet.

If you read my blog tomorrow and I am complaining about my feet, please use this entry as a reference.

My feet hate me.

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